For over 30 years, Speedflex has provided the financial and legal sectors with a trusted platform to create and produce time sensitive documents.

Our experienced account managers and typesetters are reputed for their care in managing the content of complex documents, and in delivering greater accuracy, flexibility and speed of response to the changing needs of our clients.

We work with private banking and other departments of investment and commercial banks, fund houses, insurance companies, brokers [both in Hong Kong and overseas] to produce a wide variety of documents such as fact sheets, financial reports, prospectuses, equity reports, and related types of documents.

We are able to integrate these services with design and translation, and then seamlessly deliver through the web or digital or offset printing [see the relevant sections of this website]. Using this comprehensive range of in-house capabilities, we provide convenience in producing annual reports for public companies and we have participated in some of the largest IPO's in the world.